Travelling to the city of Dargun

From the direction of Rostock

B110 towards Demmin (via Sanitz, Tessin, Gnoien), approx 55 km or A20 towards Stralsund/Stettin exit 19 “Tessin, Gnoien, Dargun” approx. 60 km

From the direction of Hamburg

A1 towards Lübeck A20 towards Rostock exit 19 “Tessin, Gnoien, Dargun”, approx. 230 km


From the direction of Berlin

A24 towards Hamburg until Dreieck Wittstock/Dosse

A19 towards Rostock exit 13 “Güstrow”

B104 towards Teterow

B104 towards Malchin, in Pisede left towards Dargun (via Neukalen), approx. 220 km


Nearby railway stations

17109 Demmin, 12 km to Dargun

17139 Malchin, 24 km to Dargun

17491 Greifswald, 50 km to Dargun

18055 Rostock, 60 km to Dargun


Buses run to Dargun from every railway station.


Nearby airports

Rostock/Laage airport,

55 km to Dargun

Hamburg airport, 230 km to Dargun

Berlin airport, 240 km to Dargun