Dargun cloister and castle compound

Tours and offerings

Experience more than 800 years of history in the Dargun cloister and castle compound. You will be guided by our experienced personnel through the old walls of the magnificent Cistercian compound from the 12th century, which was converted to a castle during the Reformation.

In 1873, the first agricultural school in the state of Mecklenburg was established here. In 1945, the compound was severely damaged by fire. Since 1990, the 3-story, 4-winged compound was stabilised and restored.

Tours of the Dargun cloister and castle compound

upon registration at the Dargun City Information, Tel. 039959/22381


Groups of 6 or more

Tour price: €3.00 / person

School groups*: €1.00 / person

Tour length: approx. 60 min

Church viewing/Short tour

Upon request, during the opening hours of the

City Information

€2.00 / person

Climbing the viewing tower

Adults: €2.00

School/university students

Persons with disabilities: €1.00

Children under 14 are free

Tour “Uns lütt Museum”

all year upon request to Ms Claassen, Tel. 039959/20381

for groups under 20 people: € 2.50/person + €20.00 fee


for groups over 20 people Price: € 3.50/person

School groups up to 16 years of age*: €1.00/person

Tour length: approx. 60 min.

Tours of the cloister and castle compound and “Uns lütt Museum” in combination

all year upon request to Dargun City Information, Telephone 039959/22381

or at Telephone 039959/593757

Tour price: €5.00 / person

School children under 16*: €1.00 / person

Tour length: approx. 120 min.

During the season (17 May – 11 September 2022), we open the cloister and castle compound for you on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. free for viewing. (Please note the current restrictions  arising from the Corona State Ordinance MV as well as the signage on site.)

*Entry and tours are free for students from schools in the city of Dargun.


You can gain insights into the lifestyle and architecture of the respective eras and learn the secrets of the idyllic little city of Dargun. There are plenty of parking spaces for your buses and cars, as well as a modern sanitation building, directly next to the Dargun cloister and castle compound.

Furthermore, on the property and directly nearby, there are gastronomical facilities to entrance you with the scent of coffee, fresh cakes and delicious ice cream.