Leisure activities in Dargun

Day trip opportunities all the way to the Baltic coast or the Mecklenburg Lake District. You can reach the islands of Rügen and Usedom, as well as the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula within only one hour by car. You can also reach the Mecklenburg Lake District e.g. Waren/Müritz within just one hour’s drive.

To discover the surrounding area, tourist maps are available. The map module is provided by Touristikkarte.

Dargun Cloister and Castle Compound

Visit the cloister and castle compound and trace the historical paths through the Schlosspark. Here, you can discover the park’s secrets between the museum “Uns lütt Museum”, the wedding pavilion, a field of fruit trees, a hornbeam arbour path, 300 hundred-year-old yew tree, a ginkgo tree and the café in the wheat store. View the impressive structure on your own along a marked circular path or book an interesting tour. The view from the 25 metre high tower is also well worth a visit.

Dargun recreational forest

Forest experience trail

At a total of 15 stations, you can experience the woodland habitat up close. The mascot “Scrofi” is a boar piglet who knows the forest like the back of his hoof and guides you to the individual stations. You can choose between the three kilometre “Young Boar Tour” or the 1.5 kilometre “Piglet Tour”. Whether you are reading tracks, wobbling on a balancing disk or finding your way through the Wild Boar Maze – playful, active experiences are at the heart of the forest and speak to visitors with all the senses.

Starting point: City of Dargun

Historical experience trail “Slavic Castle Wall”

The siblings Jela and Jano take you on a new experience trail in the Darguner recreational forest with a tour of discovery in the age of the Slavs. At various information boards, the two show you how they lived and worked over 1000 years ago. There are many interesting things to experience for yourself surrounding agriculture, crafts and trade, war and migration, as well as religion, mythology and – of course – the castle compound itself. Resting places and two playground are also part of the experience trail.


Starting point: Pfarrkirche car park or Dörgeliner Damm

For more information, visit www.slawenpfad-dargun.de


Cloister lake with beach

The Dargun cloister lake not only invites you to enjoy romantic walks along the lake promenade, but it is also perfect for swimming, fishing and boating. The cloister lake is a body of water dammed by the Cistercians and offers exceptional water quality. Walking around it takes approx. 1.5 hours.

Swimming rules at the Dargun beach

Opening hours of the Dargun beach:

from 01/06/2022, daily from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Labyrinth at Waldeck

Another highlight for nature-lovers in the labyrinth at Waldeck, created in 2008. The 8500 m² of green space with branching, but artistically conceived, paths, is comprised of more than head-high hawthorn hedges and has total length of 2035 m. The goal is in the centre – a small viewing tower from which the entire maze can be seen.


Für Radler und Naturliebhaber bietet sich von Dargun aus eine etwas andere Art sich durch die herrliche Landschaft der Mecklenburgischen Schweiz zu bewegen - Eine Fahrt mit der Fahrraddraisine. Auf der Strecke von Dargun nach Salem können Urlauber und Einheimische per Muskelkraft auf einer Strecke von 17 km die Schönheiten der Landschaft sowie deren Städte und Dörfer aus einer neuen Perspektive erleben.


Bicycle trolley

At the “Naturpark Mecklenburgische Schweiz und Kummerower See” and “Naturpark Flusslandschaft Peenetal”.



Around Dargun

There are gems to be discovered along a cycle tour through the dreamy villages surrounding Dargun, such as the fascinating landscape of the Trebel Lowlands or the ancient trees of the Peene Valley. Riding stables, manor houses and historic churches dot the rural towns. A detour towards Nehringen is highly recommended, which leads to a historic, listed bascule bridge. The bridge is the only connection in this area over the Trebel, which symbolically represents the border between Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania. If you have come without a bicycle, there are 2 providers in Dargun which rent or repair bicycles for you. It is also possible to rent row boats and canoes in Dargun.

Steamboat trips

Steamboat trips on the Kummerower Lake and the Peene.

Boat trips from/to Demmin/Hafen with the MS “Plauer Werder” of the Blue – White – Fleet, information and reservations at Tel.: 03991 664923, 03991 663034 & 0151 27659784